Who are Clara and Jo Baker ?

They are Josephine Baker's grandchildren, walking on the footsteps of their grandmother. They are the symbol of an united multi-colored and multi-religious family. By adopting children from all origins and religions, Josephine wanted to prove to the world that racism has no reason to exist. Josephine was right, all her children are now uncles and aunts, they love each others as genuine sisters and brothers, no matter the color of their skin or religion.

I'm really happy for mum, you celebrate her human ideal in the heart, in the spirit and even on the feet of women.



Jean-Claude Bouillon Baker, dad of Clara & Jo

If one of you continues, if your children and your grandchildren do the same, then twelve of you will be hundreds, and thousands... and then, we can hope.

Jo and Joséphine, our grandparents

We must fin a way to contribute to a better world. My job makes sense now, to keep the message of humanity and peace of Josephine, and to help children in extreme difficulty

Stéphanie Lecoutour, creator of the brand and mum of Clara & Jo

A part of our profits goes to Aasraa Trust in India, to contribute to the education of children living in extreme poverty and to improve their healthcare.



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